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Young People Rocked Barack Right into White House

obama_victory_speechYoung Americans have started to take control of their collective future by electing Barack Obama president.  Two-out-of-three voters under 30 chose Obama over McCain.  The kids now have their own leader who understands them and will work for them.  It is time for the older generation to leave the major decisions to those who will have to pay the consequences.  The younger generation invested more time and energy in Obama then for any previous politician.  Obama represents a blank slate for youthful hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The polls tended to underestimate the youth vote impact. Young people were able to surprise the pollsters and pundits who have generally ignored this key segment.  The fact is many young people will never be included in standard telephone surveys. Growing numbers of young people only have cell phones (which by law prohibit telemarketing and opinion polling.)   Telephone surveys also miss people who screen calls or are not home at night.  However, Obama was well aware of the potential power of the youth vote. He was able to reach out and tap their hopes for a better future.  Read on to learn how he did it and what that means to the future of our world!!

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