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Karl Marx Would be Marveling at Capitalism’s Colossal Collapse

As the global economy continues to tank, everyone is looking for the reasons we are in this mess. What we have is the predictable and inevitable collapse of the corrupt capitalist system.  Everyone seems to be “whistling in the dark” when they half-jokingly say we are headed for socialism.  By fostering greed and inequality Capitalism is collapsing – just as Karl Marx predicted over 150 years ago.   This could happen within a couple years so get ready.  Realize that like all countries, the US has socialist features (especially with the current fed bank bailout AND auto industry.

Reading this will help you understand what has happened and what we all can do together. As the economy becomes less fair more people will join the underground economy and resist the power of the corporations.  People will increasingly walk away from their debts and stop buying new toys and upgrading technology.  Old McCain is now claiming that he won’t redistribute wealth. According to Marx, he and his rich friends will soon have no choice (they must share the wealth that Bush stole for them.)  The rich have gotten that way by living off the “surplus labor” of the workers.  Now you can learn about Marx’ life, times and lessons for today.  Along the way you will see customized pix along with expert opinion.  Tell your friends and leave comments.
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