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California’s Proposition 19 Should Pass (Ooops, Hopefully Next Time)

The upcoming vote on an innovative California ballot initiative will have profound effects on marijuana policy and availability.  This will ultimately spell the end of the failed war on marijuana.  Once passed, adults in California will have basically the same rights to use marijuana for recreational use they now have to drink alcohol.  Other states will soon follow suit to cash in on the green gold. What happens in California has always been a forerunner of national trends. This is important given that California-grown “medical” marijuana is already available in most parts of the country.

This article provides details on Proposition 19 and discusses the wide range of impacts that will likely arise from its passage.  Learn about the broad coalition that supports Prop 19. I also provide an overview of how marijuana has transformed the city of Oakland, California.  This includes acknowledgments to Richard Lee (Prop 19 champion and founder of Oaksterdam University); as well as details on the city’s support for “industrial” marijuana production.  The demand for high quality marijuana both in California and nationally will keep growing – leading to more public and political support for legalization.

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