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After 10 Years Portugal’s Progressive Drug Policy is Proven Success

Most news from Portugal has been negative as their economy sinks faster than other nations.  One bright spot is the widely recognized success of their progressive policy on “illegal” drug use and abuse.  Portugal is one of the most beautiful and least developed countries in the European Union.  One of their chief attractions could become drug tourism and marijuana production – which would significantly bolster their troubled economy (just ask the Netherlands and California.)  Clearly, there are lessons for the failed US approach of criminalizing the use of recreational drugs.

By treating the use of hard drugs (heroin, cocaine) as public health problems, Portugal has reduced a number of major social costs (health, crime, and more.) Picture on right shows which drugs are socially acceptable (tight) and which are not. This article provides all the necessary background information needed to help reform the antiquated American drug policies and war practices.  Click below to get the facts – share these with your friends and our “leaders.”

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