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Chinese Youth Will Inspire and Inherit the World

Last year at this time the world was watching as China displayed its new image to the world during the Summer Olympics.  I watched most of the coverage and was particularly impressed with some of the feature stories about life in modern China.  This reinforced my opinions about how China has emerged as the world’s leading power – not just economically but socially.  About five years ago I was fortunate to spend a week in China.  This was a life-transforming experience that gave me an awesome appreciation for this values and norms of this ancient society. Since then I have taken many opportunities to talk with Chinese people I encounter on Campus and elsewhere.

In particular, for the past decade I have studied the Millennial Generation  (those born since 1980) as a social movement.  This generation (including my two kids) are going to inherit a world that is a major mess.  Unfortunately, too many American youth have lost much of the passion and power to control the future of the world.  That challenge and opportunity will fall to the youth in other parts of the world (including Asia, Canada and Europe.)  Fortunately, Chinese youth appear ready, willing and able to help pull our world away from the brink of disaster.   Last year I was also fortunate to watch an amazing documentary “Koppel on Discovery: The People’s Republic of Capitalism.” You will find a review of that four-part series, as well as selected Chinese proverbs.

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