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Articles about why we need to legalize marijuana and why I am hopeful that Barack Obama will end the war on marijuana. In addition learn how and why you can grow your own medical marijuana. Also find out why this amazing plant remains illegal while booze and other drugs do more harm. Learn about the medical, spiritual and social implications of this ancient plant.

True Conservatives Want Marijuana Legalized!!

Bill Buckley talking with Prez Regan after smoking a FAT ONE!!

True conservatives have always opposed government involvement in the private lives of adult citizens. As I have written elsewhere in this BLOG there are many reasons for legalizing marijuana and no good ones for keeping up this wasteful and unethical war. The leading voice for traditional (“Goldwater-style”) conservatives was William F. Buckley who died recently. He also has laid out a strong and persuasive case for ending the war on drugs — from a unique set of legal, ethical and political perspectives. I have abstracted some of his most interesting and informative writings from the magazine (National Review) he founded and led for four decades. Continue reading

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Clean Your Glass to Enjoy Your Stash!!

Here is some advice for all my herb-smoking friends. Clean your glass often to enhance your nuggets and protect your health. You will truly enjoy all the fine flavors and aromas that you pay for. Your friends will complement you on your wisdom. This is also a good idea if you worry about having odor and residue on your pipes. I have developed a cheap and easy process through trial and a few errors. Keep reading if you want to learn more… Continue reading

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How and Why You Can Grow Medical Marijuana

In this post I am continuing to inform and inspire people about how to practice civil disobedience by ignoring the unjust marijuana laws. BTW, these clearly are the most popular posts on my BLOG. The good news is with the Internet and new grow light technologies anyone can raise their own “victory gardens.” First, is a story about how almost all major medical associations are calling for an end to the war on weed. Second, I describe the new LED grow lights that remove almost any chance of being caught. Third, I provide you with a verified list of sites where you can buy all that you need to grow your own. You can order the LED grow lights, hydroponic equipment and amazing seeds online. It is even possible to order marijuana and hashish direct from Amsterdam. Fourth, I provide more insight into why our use of marijuana for spiritual enlightenment should be protected under our freedom of religion. Please leave some comments!! Continue reading

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Obama Should Be Willing to Legalize Marijuana

The federal government continues to wage an unethical war against medical marijuana. Despite the fact that overwhelming majorities of people disagree with this policy, no one seems willing to stand up for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fortunately, we now have a chance to reverse the losing policies of the past 70 years. Candidates who campaign for legalization will be in-line with the views of over three-quarters of American voters.

I wrote this article in February of 2008
I then broke the news in early August that:

Obama will End War on Weed – McCain Will Push Booze!!

So be sure and read that article after you read this oneWe now need to put some firm and friendly pressure on Barack to follow through on his policy to end the Federal War on Medical Marijuana. Each state will then have the right to legalize, regulate, and tax as they see fit.  Wow – seems like a win for all!!

Now that Obama has become president we need to hold him to his promise that he will eliminate government programs that do not work.  The war on marijuana is clearly an economic and ethical failure.  Read my latest plea and start contacting our new leaders!!

Please President Obama: Stop War on Marijuana

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Legalize Marijuana Now

One of the most important – but overlooked – issues involves the failed war on marijuana that denies us our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In this BLOG you will find answers to the question of “What would Jesus smoke?” After that learn why we should pressure Nancy Pelosi now; and learn the top Ten reasons that marijuana should be legalized. Start asking Obama and Clinton about this topic!! Continue reading

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