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What if Outlaw Bikers (“1%’s”) Join the Occupy Movement?

As the Occupy movement gains momentum and support the potential for more police violence is always present.  In most cases the unarmed, peaceful protestors will be the losers (as happened in Oakland.)  The occupy movement has natural allies that provide them with protection and clout (e.g., union members.)   In return, the occupy movement provides lots of youthful energy, passion and creativity.  This winter is the time for organizing and building coalitions.  I hope this article provides ideas and inspiration as to the kind of power the occupy movement can have.

The one group with a long-history of confronting police harassment and social rejection include the subculture known as “Outlaw Bikers.”  Ironically, they are also known as “1%’s” – but for very different reasons (as you will learn below.)  They also represent one of the last truly free-living groups (like the James gang and other western outlaws.)  These leading-edge freedom fighters live to ride hard, play hard, and fight hard when provoked.  However, demographics and police repression have reduced the numbers of potential members.  Most “outlaw” chapters do want to engage and help the community – any many are involved with charity.  The outlaw bikers will find kindred spirits in young punk rockers, skateboarders, street gangs, and even hippies!

Historically, the Hells Angels have been a major presence in the SF Bay area (particularly Oakland) for over fifty years.  This gang has been demonized by most of society – particularly the cops and media.  Not unlike, the Sopranos and others, outlaw bikers are involved in a range of “criminal” activities that are economically rational, given the unfair society they and the rest of us live in.  They are prone to violence if provoked.  However, the “crimes” committed by outlaw bikes mainly hurt each other or those who make the mistake of messing with them.   Many outlaw bikers have similar politics and experiences to the Tea Party (i.e., are less educated, white males that tend to be veterans who like guns.)  Like the hippies and some Occupy protestors, they are alienated from society and have learned to live outside the system (i.e., off the grid and outside the law.)  All three groups would agree that “we should be able to do anything we want, whenever we want – as long as we don’t hurt anyone else.” Click below to learn why outlaw bikers and the occupy movement would be a good match to help keep the cops in check.

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