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John Lennon Helps Imagine “All We Need is Love”

John Lennon’s life and legacy has much to teach us about how and why we need to build a better society – based on love and freedom.  John would have been 70 this year (born October 9, 1940) – but was killed three decades ago (December 8, 1980). We now need to understand his music and messages more than ever.  His messages fit perfectly with some of the other social leaders profiles on this site.

This article focuses on John’s contribution to the social changes that took place during the past 50 years.  In particular, his roles as a progressive radical and social critic show the best of what an entertainer can accomplish.    The US government, especially under Nixon, persecuted and harassed John Lennon.  Read selected reviews here about the film “The US versus John Lennon.” To learn more about John Lennon’s life and music visit his official siteThen click below for the most creative and complete tribute to John on the web!

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