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Concerned Citizens Challenge Clinton Craziness!!

Bill and Hillary Clinton are desperate to hang on to their dreams of a second Dynasty. However, there is no way she can win by following the rules (accepting the will of the people.) So the Clinton machine is trying to destroy Barack Obama – even if it means giving the White House back to Republicans. I think it is high time Obama supporters start pushing her out the back door. Learn how and why we need to Chant Down the Clinton Babylon!! Continue reading

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True Conservatives Want Marijuana Legalized!!

Bill Buckley talking with Prez Regan after smoking a FAT ONE!!

True conservatives have always opposed government involvement in the private lives of adult citizens. As I have written elsewhere in this BLOG there are many reasons for legalizing marijuana and no good ones for keeping up this wasteful and unethical war. The leading voice for traditional (“Goldwater-style”) conservatives was William F. Buckley who died recently. He also has laid out a strong and persuasive case for ending the war on drugs — from a unique set of legal, ethical and political perspectives. I have abstracted some of his most interesting and informative writings from the magazine (National Review) he founded and led for four decades. Continue reading

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Clean Your Glass to Enjoy Your Stash!!

Here is some advice for all my herb-smoking friends. Clean your glass often to enhance your nuggets and protect your health. You will truly enjoy all the fine flavors and aromas that you pay for. Your friends will complement you on your wisdom. This is also a good idea if you worry about having odor and residue on your pipes. I have developed a cheap and easy process through trial and a few errors. Keep reading if you want to learn more… Continue reading

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Janis Joplin Leads Women to the Truth

I want to pay tribute to an amazing singer; as well as a path-breaking woman. I am going to provide you with insights, information and inspiration from the life and creative legacy of Janis Joplin. In many respects, she will be remembered as a public pioneer in the women’s movement. Her story is a case study of the hippie counterculture.  I hope that you will enjoy this analysis ofand tribute to one of my main spirit guides (along with Jimi Hendrix , John Lennon, and Jim Morrison.)   Her spirit is more alive today then she was at the time of her death. BTW – although she died directly from an accidental overdose of extremely pure heroin; it really was alcohol that killed her (as it did Jim Morrison.)  Be sure and listen to her music and learn her lessons.  Continue reading

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Dr. King’s Legacy Requires Activism Not Pacifism

Today, April 4, 2008 is the 40th Anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a day to reflect on King’s largely unfinished work for justice and equality. I want to speculate about what King would say and do about today’s issues had he not been assassinated in 1968. King would still be fighting against racism, poverty and war. In particular, he would be leading the criticism of the United States – not just for our involvement in Iraq but for the whole way in which corporations have taken over the global economy. Continue reading

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