Legalize Marijuana Now

One of the most important – but overlooked – issues involves the failed war on marijuana that denies us our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In this BLOG you will find answers to the question of “What would Jesus smoke?” After that learn why we should pressure Nancy Pelosi now; and learn the top Ten reasons that marijuana should be legalized. Start asking Obama and Clinton about this topic!!

There seems to be very little real opposition to legalizing marijuana from anybody but booze and pharma companies. As Americans we should have the same rights as citizens of Europe, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere. In fact, the US opposition to this ancient herb is the only reason marijuana is not widely available like alcohol – which is much worse for individuals and society!!

In fact, evidence is clear that Jesus used Hemp-cannabis ointment to heal the sick. During those “missing years” Jesus was all around the mid-east and Asia where not only were Hash and cannabis widely used – but OPIUM as well. Some religious scholars even suggest Jesus and others in that day’s counterculture even may have tried psychedelic mushrooms

After this I provide some strategies to help pressure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to restore everyone’s rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. She is caught in a conflict of interest given the fact that many of her constituents in Northern California are able to legally grow and profit from medical marijuana.


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What Would Jesus Smoke? The Christian doctrine on bong hits.
By Torie Bosch – SLATE Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a First Amendment case involving a high-school student who was suspended for holding a sign that said “Bong Hits 4 Jesus.” His provocative slogan turns out to have been little more than a ploy to get on TV. But what do Christian groups really think about marijuana?

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It depends on the Christians, and it depends on the weed. Many major Christian denominations and religious groups have issued statements supporting medicinal marijuana use. The Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Progressive National Baptist Convention, and the Episcopal Church have all either issued resolutions or signed statements supporting the use of marijuana under the supervision of a doctor. The Episcopal Church’s 1982 resolution even delves into politics by saying that it “urges the adoption by Congress and all states of statutes providing that the use of marijuana be permitted when deemed medically appropriate by duly licensed medical practitioners.”

There are biblical rationales for such a position. The Presbyterian Church’s position on pot-smoking, which they adopted during a June 2006 General Assembly, notes that Matthew 25:35 calls for people to give aid to those who are suffering. Many Christians in favor of medicinal marijuana use this line of argument, saying that if it helps ease the pain of people dying from cancer, it’s a good thing.

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But churches that support prescription cannabis don’t always endorse bong hits just for the fun of it. The United Methodist Church considers marijuana a gateway drug. At the Episcopal Church’s 1982 General Convention, a resolution was passed “proclaim[ing] there are harmful effects which can be permanently disabling with the use of marijuana.” The Presbyterian Church is less strict; it stated in 1971 and again in 2006 that “marijuana is not properly classified … and conclusive evidence is lacking that it produces physiological effects or automatically leads to the use of more serious, addictive drugs.”

Other churches take more of a hard-line approach to marijuana. The Catholic Church says that drugs “constitute direct co-operation in evil” and does not seem to make exceptions for marijuana. The Vatican has condemned legalizing “soft drugs” like marijuana, and its newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, recently scolded Italian lawmakers for liberalizing pot-possession laws. The Mormon church (whose members consider themselves Christians) also strongly advises members to refrain from smoking marijuana, though it has no established position on medical use.

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Some small Christian groups, like Christians for Cannabis, advocate smoking pot. A fringe Christian and Jewish sect calling itself Temple 420 uses marijuana as a sacrament. Police raided the temple in February, and the pastor is facing drug charges.

Torie Bosch is a Slate copy editor. She can be reached at
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Here is how to put some political pressure on Nancy Pelosi:

There has not been and may never be a better time to push for legalization of marijuana at the national level. Public opinion is overwhelming on the side of medical ganjah. This must become a major issue in all local, state, and national political campaigns. In particular, we all need to puts lots of pressure on Nancy Pelosi – speaker of the US House. Tell her it is unjust and unconstitutional that people living in her state have more ready access to this awesome medicine. We demand equal protection under the constitution (which was written on hemp!!)

Just checked her official site and Congresswoman Pelosi wants to hear from you. Like most Americans she supports ending the failed war on Marijuana. We all need to email her often at the following:

E-Mail Nancy Pelosi – OUR Speaker!!

Also, we all have the right to call her offices in San Francisco and Washington at:

San Francisco, CA 94102 – (415) 556-4862
Washington, DC 20515 – (202) 225-4965

Call and talk to her staff. If you live in DC or SF area then stop by and talk directly to her staff. You also should send her the following points. Demand she protect our rights to nature’s oldest and most perfect medicine!! The Supreme Court wanted to uphold Californian’s rights – but said it was up to congress to change the laws. We will not tolerate this kind of HYPOCRISY from the democratic party (and their booze and pharma lobbies!!).

The readers of HIGH TIMES want marijuana legalized, nationwide, and now. The 420 Campaign is a plan to bring legalization before the US Congress and the public. We want to use April 20th as a focal point every year to concentrate pressure on Congress to legalize marijuana until we get the job done. Here are our top ten reasons marijuana should be legalized (sort of like the Letterman top ten lists):

10. Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana.

The government has tried to use criminal penalties to prevent marijuana use for over 75 years and yet: marijuana is now used by over 25 million people annually, cannabis is currently the largest cash crop in the United States, and marijuana is grown all over the planet. Claims that marijuana prohibition is a successful policy are ludicrous and unsupported by the facts, and the idea that marijuana will soon be eliminated from America and the rest of the world is a ridiculous fantasy.

9. Arrests for marijuana possession disproportionately affect blacks and Hispanics and reinforce the perception that law enforcement is biased and prejudiced against minorities.

African-Americans account for approximately 13% of the population of the United States and about 13.5% of annual marijuana users, however, blacks also account for 26% of all marijuana arrests. Recent studies have demonstrated that blacks and Hispanics account for the majority of marijuana possession arrests in New York City, primarily for smoking marijuana in public view. Law enforcement has failed to demonstrate that marijuana laws can be enforced fairly without regard to race; far too often minorities are arrested for marijuana use while white/non-Hispanic Americans face a much lower risk of arrest.

8. A regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market.

The illegality of marijuana makes it more valuable than if it were legal, providing opportunities for teenagers to make easy money selling it to their friends. If the excessive profits for marijuana sales were ended through legalization there would be less incentive for teens to sell it to one another. Teenage use of alcohol and tobacco remain serious public health problems even though those drugs are legal for adults, however, the availability of alcohol and tobacco is not made even more widespread by providing kids with economic incentives to sell either one to their friends and peers.

7. Legalized marijuana would reduce the flow of money from the American economy to international criminal gangs.

Marijuana’s illegality makes foreign cultivation and smuggling to the United States extremely profitable, sending billions of dollars overseas in an underground economy while diverting funds from productive economic development.

6. Marijuana’s legalization would simplify the development of hemp as a valuable and diverse agricultural crop in the United States, including its development as a new bio-fuel to reduce carbon emissions.

Canada and European countries have managed to support legal hemp cultivation without legalizing marijuana, but in the United States opposition to legal marijuana remains the biggest obstacle to development of industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural commodity. As US energy policy continues to embrace and promote the development of bio-fuels as an alternative to oil dependency and a way to reduce carbon emissions, it is all the more important to develop industrial hemp as a bio-fuel source – especially since use of hemp stalks as a fuel source will not increase demand and prices for food, such as corn. Legalization of marijuana will greatly simplify the regulatory burden on prospective hemp cultivation in the United States.

5. Prohibition is based on lies and disinformation.

Justification of marijuana’s illegality increasingly requires distortions and selective uses of the scientific record, causing harm to the credibility of teachers, law enforcement officials, and scientists throughout the country. The dangers of marijuana use have been exaggerated for almost a century and the modern scientific record does not support the reefer madness predictions of the past and present. Many claims of marijuana’s danger are based on old 20th century prejudices that originated in a time when science was uncertain how marijuana produced its characteristic effects. Since the cannabinoid receptor system was discovered in the late 1980s these hysterical concerns about marijuana’s dangerousness have not been confirmed with modern research. Everyone agrees that marijuana, or any other drug use such as alcohol or tobacco use, is not for children. Nonetheless, adults have demonstrated over the last several decades that marijuana can be used moderately without harmful impacts to the individual or society.

4. Marijuana is not a lethal drug and is safer than alcohol.

It is established scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; marijuana overdoses are nearly impossible, and marijuana is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. It is unfair and unjust to treat marijuana users more harshly under the law than the users of alcohol or tobacco.

3. Marijuana is too expensive for our justice system and should instead be taxed to support beneficial government programs.

Law enforcement has more important responsibilities than arresting 750,000 individuals a year for marijuana possession, especially given the additional justice costs of disposing of each of these cases. Marijuana arrests make justice more expensive and less efficient in the United States, wasting jail space, clogging up court systems, and diverting time of police, attorneys, judges, and corrections officials away from violent crime, the sexual abuse of children, and terrorism. Furthermore, taxation of marijuana can provide needed and generous funding of many important criminal justice and social programs.

2. Marijuana use has positive attributes, such as its medical value and use as a recreational drug with relatively mild side effects.

Many people use marijuana because they have made an informed decision that it is good for them, especially Americans suffering from a variety of serious ailments. Marijuana provides relief from pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms for many individuals who have not been treated successfully with conventional medications. Many American adults prefer marijuana to the use of alcohol as a mild and moderate way to relax. Americans use marijuana because they choose to, and one of the reasons for that choice is their personal observation that the drug has a relatively low dependence liability and easy-to-manage side effects. Most marijuana users develop tolerance to many of marijuana’s side effects, and those who do not, choose to stop using the drug. Marijuana use is the result of informed consent in which individuals have decided that the benefits of use outweigh the risks, especially since, for most Americans, the greatest risk of using marijuana is the relatively low risk of arrest.

1. Marijuana users are determined to stand up to the injustice of marijuana probation and accomplish legalization, no matter how long or what it takes to succeed.

Despite the threat of arrests and a variety of other punishments and sanctions marijuana users have persisted in their support for legalization for over a generation. They refuse to give up their long quest for justice because they believe in the fundamental values of American society. Prohibition has failed to silence marijuana users despite its best attempts over the last generation. The issue of marijuana’s legalization is a persistent issue that, like marijuana, will simply not go away. Marijuana will be legalized because marijuana users will continue to fight for it until they succeed.

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21 thoughts on “Legalize Marijuana Now

  1. Bobbie

    dude man you fuckin are Bomb as hell

  2. 8ball

    legalize it so many people smoke it so why not legalize it’s not like their gonn stop smoking cuz a police officer says they have to or a judge but other then that people need it like people with cancer cuz it slows the the spreading process and people with tumors or infections and it’s can even be used for a common cold.

  3. Valie

    fuck yeah
    you guys are so right
    there is so many more things they should legalize i mean if Marijuana is illegal than smoking tabbacco should be illegal
    and they should legalize marijuana.

  4. join us at the marijuanna march may 3 at rodney square this is our chance to legalize marijuanna in delaware, and the usa, look in the march edition of high times for the march in your state or nearest to you the only president of 2008 tha wants to legalize pot will be there and there will be free things and it will hopefully result in a change in the laws aganst marijuanna but we all need to stand together if we want ne thing to change there will b no cops or narcs only potheads and smokers everyperson makes a difference80 percent of delaware that voted said yes it should be legal so if everyone does their part and shows up we will make a difference… please not for me but for yourself stand up for what is your costitutional right….if you want to go just show up on the dat at 12 noon ok or emaqil me
    thanks jon

  5. Kiah

    This is beautifully written, my friend.

  6. dude that would be sick as hell to be able to legalize it. it sounds like it would make sense to just legalize it. I mean its sdo easy to get im 15 and i got some so easily.

  7. It would be so easy to legalize. I’m 15 years old and i can get it so easily i mean i got some yesterday, so cheap and it took 10 minutes i just called some people. wow legalize it!!!!

  8. Maryjaneman, Jon, whoever. I am the sponsor for the Delaware portions of the Worldwide Marijuana March (known by many names), and have been for a couple of decades. Every year, I get hundreds of emails, hundreds of phone calls. Only one time have any more than a small handful of people shown up.

    Also, I am a patient. I have severe spine damage. Sometimes I can bearly get out of bed, let alone my front door.

    The problem is, some years, like this year, just getting things organized takes so much out of me that I need assistance to get around the day of the event. There are three different events in Delaware, and I have had to organize all three, year after year.

    This year, I was suffering so badly that I needed someone to push my wheelchair and drive me to each event (I tried to schedule them so that would be possible). Not one person stepped up to help. NOT ONE.

    But, from people who have called after the 3rd, I am hearing that, basically, nothing happened. I can’t imagine why. If people are dedicated, and want this to happen, why should it matter if one, poor (literally), suffering, old, stoned hippie not being able to come would make the entire thing fall apart.

    I’ve tried, year after year, to get someone in better shape to start learning the ropes (no pun intended). But, everyone just wants to smoke out and party on. No one wants to be responsible for getting things done.

    If no one steps forward to help organize, I will probably stop doing this. I’m sick of the lack of support in Delaware. I am sick of the people who think that these things are easy to do, and will not do anything but the minimum, if anything at all.

    I should be a speaker, and do some behind the scenes things. I should not be the only thing holding these marches together. That is YOUR responsibility (the generic your, I am not pointing to any one person).

    Ya know, I know organizers in other states. I’ve worked with most of them at one time or another. They get people volunteering ALL YEAR LONG!!!

    Here in Delaware, it seems like people are just looking for a reason to smoke pot in Rodney Square or on Legislative Mall in Dover.

    I can not do it this way any longer.

    If I do not get volunteers to help with the many, many things these marches take, I will not be sponsoring any more of them. I’m exhausted.

  9. I have to add. There have been many cops and other prohibitionists who have harassed and stalked and even assaulted me over the years. An assault by two cops here in Delaware is why my health is so bad. Their goal was to shut me down.

    Without the support of the community, those who complain just because I could not go to a march and it fell apart while THEY DID NOTHING, perhaps that is why the laws only get worse in Delaware.

    The prohibitionists and temperance people KNOW that YOU will do nothing.

  10. obsmoker.

    i agree with everything on here.weed is the healing of a nation.
    i know the logical reasson why its illegal in the united states.
    because they cannot tax it. thats why. and they cant,because people can just grow it.
    that is the only reasson that weed is still illegal.

    oh,and,bush…GO TO HELL.

  11. I think that it is stupid to not legalize it,because Marijuana /Hemp
    Has More pulp then trees and grow faster…why cut down are tree’s?
    Just grow fields of hemp to harvest pulp..Why do the US citizens have to smoke marijuana that have chemicals on them from spraying pesticides..i read about a new marijuana strain that was resistant to chemicals …great you no how they no that .they sprayed and they didnt die so when this happens we smoke it …talk about lung Damage… Legalize even tax if you have to..dont hurt are children and there children, thats handle this now!!!!

  12. bobmarleybb

    dope kills braincells
    it fries your brain if you dont need it
    but i shoudlnt be talking hahah
    iswed! haha

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  14. marijuana can not even be fully described as a “drug”
    usually smokers know the high and peace of mind is not a crime
    i really dissagree with the laws against marijuana when there is none against pharmisuticals alcohol and ciggeretts
    i have never been stopped when i smoke in the street taking a walk along the block toking on a blunt shouldnt be a crime i see it as a habbit yes but it is clinically proven to be non addictive

  15. People that think weed is a bad thing.
    Probley have never ever smoked that beautiful green dub. You have to smoke it to actually know the goodness of the bud. I LOVE weed. Im a 15 year old girl. I will smoke it until the day i die. Weed is in my life and no one can do anything about. Sure as hell not the cops. I really think people should start protesting about it not being legal. But on the other hand. If it was legal. It would be really high in price rage.
    Keep up the good work.
    NIce done sir.

  16. ed, edd and eddy

    hey i m an american that lives in mexico and you know why i live in mexico because weed is cheap for 5 dollars a get big o bag of weed. and i smoke freely witout no one bothering or me bothering anybody. people smoke weed here because is the only way they can stan working all day every day with the little amount of food they get paid to support their families. and is the only way they can stand the harsh nes of not having hospitals not eating regurlaly and all the problems they face because of their currupt goverment. and belive it or not all thanks to mariguana. is the only thing of worth that they have the only thing that gives them for a moment to feel happy through a world of suffering that they live all their lives. thanks for the space ananymou.

  17. Smokster420

    I am going to go walk down the street right now and smoke a spliff. If a cop comes by I’ll just eat the damn thing.

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  19. Joe B

    Hello People as my participation to the Legalization of the Holiest of all Herbs … The WEED I remixed the Gyptian Version of the Hold ya .. And it’s on my Facebook Page Pls Download and Listen to it it’s Titled PROVERBS 15 VS 17 And I so much want this Demonstration to happen in Africa and Nigeria and Ghana to be precise cos These are the power house of Africa … type on your facebook friends search page… joe baybe preacher’s son @ facebook

  20. theoutspokenlandscaper

    Couldnt agree more. I wrote a piece on legalizing marijuana at Check it out.

  21. Genuinely beneficial thank you, It is my opinion your trusty subscribers would certainly want significantly more blog posts along these lines maintain the great work.

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