Marley’s Prophecy and Our Future

This is one of the many BLOGs I have written about Reggae music over the last few years on MySpace. Here is one of the more politically oriented messages that Bob Marley and the Wailers taught us – which are now being carried forward with honor by Bob’s sons and others.

The world has never been closer to the edge of disaster in the history of our species. We really need to make massive changes to all aspects of the world – economics, social structure, spirituality, and so on. Our alternative is truly grim. Sorry to have to tell you this – but I am very worried about the world my wonderful young friends are inheriting.

Was just listening to Bunny Wailer’s amazing double CD tribute to Bob Marley released on the 50th anniversary of his birth (see an earlier BLOG.) One song really struck me as particularly prophetic and pessimistic. Carefully study the words to “Real Situation” – brief and to the point. Bunny is still alive and well – farming in jamaica and performing.

Unfortunately, their words have now become reality. Makes me grateful to be 55 – would not like to be around to see the mess this world will become in next 50 years!! In particular, the old men have really driven the world to the “Eve of Destruction.” Time for a youth revolution. Take back our world NOW – before it is too late!!

REAL SITUATION by Bob Marley and Wailers

Check out the real situation: Nation war against nation.
Where did it all begin? When will it end?
Well, it seems like total destruction the only solution,
And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
Ain’t no use: nobody can stop them now.Give them an inch, they take a yard;
Give them a yard, they take a mile (ooh);
Once a man and twice a child
And everything is just for a while.
It seems like total destruction the only solution,
And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.
There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
Ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;
There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

This next song (“Burnin’ and Lootin'”) was written during the civil and political unrest that took place in Jamaica during the 1970’s (thanks to the CIA run by the big Bush and Henry Kissing-ass.) However, Bob had spent a lot of time during the mid-1960’s living in Delaware with his mother where he worked as janitor, factory worker and so on to earn money for a recording studio. He also got to see first hand how the race riots unfolded in the US – Watts, Detroit, Newark, and so on. As oil and food prices rise, we will see more of this (especially as capitalism fights back against its inevitable decline.)

I play this song a lot when I perform; and am always sorta sorry to be so pessimistic, but best to open our eyes and get ready to make our Exodus from the Bush Babylon. Anyhow, as Peter Tosh once said “I don’t sing smiley songs, I sing songs of revolution. When you sing songs of rebellion you become a threat to society – you don’t smile.” Love the video where he sings this wearing an army helmut. Peter was a huge influence on the Wailer’s political and spiritual revolutionary rhetoric (again see an earlier BLOG of mine)

BURNIN’ AND LOOTIN’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers

This morning I woke up in a curfew;
O God, I was a prisoner, too – yeah!
Could not recognize the faces standing over me;
They were all dressed in uniforms of brutality. Eh!
How many rivers do we have to cross,
Before we can talk to the boss? Eh!
All that we got, it seems we have lost;
We must have really paid the cost.
(That’s why we gonna be) Burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight;
(Say we gonna burn and loot) Burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight;
(One more thing) Burnin’ all pollution tonight;
Burnin’ all illusion tonight.
Oh, stop them!

Anyhow, sorry that this will not make you happy – but at least you are more hip to what is really going on. Fortunately, the Wailers’ music also contains the keys for solving our collective problems (or at least escape before it all melts down!!)

Now go online to the Official Bob Marley site and BUY some Wailers’ CD’s and other hip stuff. There no better investment in getting high, hip and happy!! Support this amazing music!! Much of the money does go for projects aimed at improving the world.

In particular, as I BLOGGED recently the three Marley brothers (shown below with Rita) are the best composers and performers alive today!! Their messages are right on target for today’s youth. Their music is the most creative and positive vibes I have heard since the Dead and Airplane as a kid!! See the Marleys often!! They deserve our support. Spread these amazing messages and vibes!!

Praise Jah Almighty and his Rasta prophets – both living and dead!!

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3 thoughts on “Marley’s Prophecy and Our Future

  1. wow.. this small but yet powerful prophecy i can see… i support you matter what..
    i am down… to make this movement.. grow.
    get back to me and i got ideas to grow.. but grow for the same LOVe. i mean that.

  2. this is my design to wat i want to be in life..

  3. Am agreat deciple of Bobs music it has realy changed my life. May Jah be praised!

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