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Stupid-Ass Stimulus Strategy

Congress and the White House are planning to give each American worker about $600 that they hope we will spend as quickly as possible. These idiots feel that the way to stop a fire is to pour more fuel on it. The main problem most Americans face is that we are too good at spending money; but increasingly incapable of earning or saving it. Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Philosophy

Sometimes the most important wisdom is the shortest and simplest. I have the back of my 1995 Jeep Cherokee covered with bumper stickers. Cool to watch people behind me smile and even discuss what I have on the back. So I went online and collected about 30 pages worth in a word document. Have kept the choicest nuggets for your entertainment, education, and your enlightenment. Continue reading

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Choose Your Roles Carefully

One of the latest trends in social science is to study what makes people happy – instead of screwed up. As a sociologist I am most interested in how the society around us influences our chances for and attainment of happiness. Here I discuss how to balance some of the multiple roles – as well as how to pick the rights ones at different points of life. Hope you enjoy and leave comments!! Continue reading

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Legalize Marijuana Now

One of the most important – but overlooked – issues involves the failed war on marijuana that denies us our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In this BLOG you will find answers to the question of “What would Jesus smoke?” After that learn why we should pressure Nancy Pelosi now; and learn the top Ten reasons that marijuana should be legalized. Start asking Obama and Clinton about this topic!! Continue reading

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Laugh Bush to Shame (or Prison)

I have always written my BLOG to young readers and others who get bored with text. Consider the HipHappy Times to be your Online Comic Book and Manifesto. Hope you laugh at the two fools who took over our country almost eight years ago. Time to send them to prison for all their crimes!! Continue reading

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Marley’s Prophecy and Our Future

This is one of the many BLOGs I have written about Reggae music over the last few years on MySpace. Here is one of the more politically oriented messages that Bob Marley and the Wailers taught us – which are now being carried forward with honor by Bob’s sons and others. Continue reading

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Four Laws of Ecology

This BLOG was originally written in honor of Earth Day (April 22) of 2007. We all need to do a much better job of caring for our only planet. This is from the work of the amazing Barry Commoner. This was originally posted on Continue reading

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Wit and Wisdom of Jerry Garcia

One of my favorite BLOGs are the tributes that I pay to musicians and others who have had an enormous influence on my life. This BLOG was originally posted on May 17, 2007 at my MySpace Blog. Hope you enjoy the lessons and love!! Continue reading

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FDA Sends in the Clones!!

Over ten years ago I was advising the USDA, dairy industry, and others that public concerns over meat and milk from cloned animals would be huge. The Bush-league FDA has cleared the last hurdle to mix the mutant materials into our food supply. Read my Op-ed about why consumers will not and should not accept the products. Continue reading

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Time to Impeach Cheney NOW!!

We really can’t let Dick Cheney escape to his Wyoming compound with all our money before he gives full disclosure to the US Congress and American people. Moves are underway to start impeachment hearings. Read all about the charges and what you can do. Continue reading

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